Beat Level 319 on Candy Crush

Are you struggling to beat Level 319 on Candy Crush?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to conquer this challenging level and become a candy crushing pro.

Key Tips:

* Clear easy-to-remove candies or groups of candies first, giving you more space and opportunities for bigger combos later on.
* Use special candies strategically, such as “Lollipop” to clear an entire row or column and “Bomb” to take out multiple candies in one click.
* Pay attention to obstacles, such as locked or frozen candies, and clear them first for more room to work with.
* Keep an eye on your moves, as you only have 20 with only 875,000 points to clear.

Real-Life Example:

Sarah was stuck on Level 319 for days until she tried again and used the tips above. She cleared easy-to-remove candies first, strategically used her “Bomb” candy to take out multiple candies at once, paid attention to obstacles, and kept an eye on her moves.

Sarah beat Level 319 in just one move!


* What is the highest level in Candy Crush?

+ The highest level in Candy Crush is currently level 460.

* How long does it take to beat Level 319 on Candy Crush?

+ It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to beat Level 319, depending on your skill level and strategies used.

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