Decoding the BISS Key: A Concise Guide for Dansat Receiver Users

Struggling with entering the BISS key on your newly purchased Dansat receiver? Many users encounter this issue, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

The Broadcasting Industry Single Frequency (BISS) key is a security system used to encrypt satellite signals, preventing unauthorized access.

Here’s how to input the 16-digit BISS key on your Dansat receiver:

  1. Press "Menu" and navigate to "System Settings," then select "Security" and "Input BISS Key."
  2. Carefully enter each digit using the number keypad, double-checking for errors.
  3. Save the input by pressing the "Save" button.

Problems persisting?

Ensure proper receiver connection to a power source and satellite dish. Verify that you have the correct BISS key from your service provider.

Remember, patience and focus are crucial!

Entering the BISS key on a Dansat receiver may seem intimidating initially, but with this succinct guide, you’ll swiftly access encrypted content. Don’t forget, accuracy matters!


  1. What is a BISS key?
    A: A security code used to unlock encrypted satellite signals.
  2. How do I obtain my BISS key?
    A: Contact your satellite service provider for the correct BISS key.
  3. Why can’t I access encrypted content without a BISS key?
    A: To protect against unauthorized viewing of encrypted content.

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