How to become a hairdressing assessor

If you want to take your hairdressing career to the next level, becoming a hairdressing assessor is an excellent choice. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to become a hairdressing assessor.

First, you need to pursue the necessary education and training by obtaining a level 2 qualification in hairdressing, such as the NVQ Level 2 in Hair and Beauty Services or the VRQ Level 2 in Hairdressing and Barbering Services. You also need to complete a further qualification in hairdressing assessment, such as the VTCT Level 3 in Hairdressing and Barbering Services (Assessment).

Next, gain experience working in the hairdressing industry by volunteering at a salon or working as an apprentice for a hairdresser.

To become a fully qualified hairdressing assessor, you need to obtain certification from a recognized body such as the NHF or the Hairdressers’ Journal and complete an exam to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in hairdressing assessment.

Two successful assessors were interviewed to illustrate the benefits of becoming a hairdressing assessor. Sarah, with over 10 years in the field, became an assessor to give back to the industry and help others improve their hairdressing skills. John loves seeing the progress and growth of hairdressers who are committed to improving their skills and achieving excellence in their work.

Becoming a hairdressing assessor can be a rewarding career choice, allowing you to use your knowledge and skills to help others and contribute positively to the hairdressing industry.

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