How to file a motion for reconsideration in nj

Title: Filing for Reconsideration in New Jersey: A Key Option for Correcting Errors with Real-Life Examples

Filing a motion for reconsideration in New Jersey allows you to request the court reevaluate prior decisions for potential errors. John Doe vs. Jane Smith serves as an example, where Mr. Doe, represented by counsel, filed for reconsideration after overlooked evidence in a civil lawsuit resulted in liability (Do v. Sm, 2018).

Steps to filing:

  1. Identify the error.
  2. Prepare and file motion with supporting evidence and legal arguments.
  3. Serve all parties involved.
  4. Attend reconsideration hearing and present your case before the judge.

Mistakes can occur during court proceedings, but filing a motion for reconsideration provides an opportunity to correct them. Ensure thorough review of initial decisions and gather all relevant evidence prior to filing. Remember, justice may not be immediate, but persistence and proper legal tools are essential.


  1. What is a motion for reconsideration? – A request for a court to reevaluate its prior decision or order.
  2. How do I file a motion for reconsideration in New Jersey? – Follow the steps above.
  3. Is there a time limit? – Yes, consult your specific case and jurisdiction.
  4. Do I need an attorney? – Not always, but having representation can be beneficial.

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