How to Stop a Chiminea Smoking: A Complete Guide

Chimineas are great for adding warmth and charm to outdoor gatherings, but they can also cause pollution, health problems, and environmental damage if not used properly. This article provides practical tips on how to stop your chiminea from smoking.

Causes of Chiminea Smoking

  • Burning unseasoned wood or green wood
  • Overloading the chiminea with too many logs

  • Using low-quality fuel
  • Not cleaning the chiminea regularly

Tips for Stopping Chiminea Smoking

  1. Use seasoned wood only: Seasoned wood has less moisture and reduces smoke production.
  2. Choose high-quality fuel: Avoid using low-quality fuels like charcoal or briquettes, and stick to hardwoods like oak, maple, or beech.

  3. Keep the airflow open: Ensure adequate airflow around the chiminea by removing barriers or using a fan.
  4. Clean the chiminea regularly: Use a chimney brush or wire scrubber to clean the inside of the chiminea.
  5. Maintain the chiminea properly: Check for cracks or leaks, and repair promptly. Avoid overloading with too many logs.


Following these tips can help stop your chiminea from smoking and promote a cleaner and healthier outdoor environment. Remember to prioritize safety when using any type of fire.

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