Mastering Level 88 on Candy Crush: Strategies from Real-life Experts

Struggling at level 88 on Candy Crush?

Here, we share proven strategies from experienced players to conquer this challenging level.

1. Use combos: Effective use of special candies in combination with regular ones can lead to significant score increases.


  1. Horizontal striped candies and wrapped candies: Beth, a seasoned player, succeeded by focusing on creating horizontal striped candies and using them with wrapped candies to clear large board sections quickly.
  2. Experimentation and patience: Game designer Gregorios Pappas advises that Candy Crush requires strategy and timing. Keep experimenting with different strategies until you succeed.

    (Source: Forbes)

  3. Moving forward: As you advance beyond level 88, each new challenge presents an opportunity to improve your gameplay skills. Combining these strategies with creativity and determination will help you excel in Candy Crush.

Q: What are special candies in Candy Crush?

A: Special candies have unique properties when part of a match. Examples include striped, wrapped, and color bomb candies.

Q: How to create horizontal striped candies?

A: Match 4 or more identical candies horizontally or vertically to create horizontal striped candies.

Q: Benefits of using special candies effectively?

A: Maximizing the use of special candies can lead to substantial score boosts and efficient board clearance.

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