Building a Hgility Wobble Board: A Step-by-Step Guide

To build your own Hgility wobble board, you will need 2x4s or other sturdy wooden boards, plywood for the base, wheels for the ends of the board, bolts and nuts to secure the wheels, and sandpaper for smoothing out any rough edges.

Follow these steps:

  1. Cut the plywood into a rectangular shape for the base.
  2. Drill holes in the corners of the plywood and attach it to the wooden boards on each side.
  3. Cut the 2x4s into four equal pieces for the sides of the board. Screw these pieces together at one end, leaving enough space for the wheels to fit on either end.
  4. Attach the wheels to the ends of the board using bolts and nuts.
  5. Sand any rough edges or corners to ensure a smooth surface.

  6. Test out your new Hgility wobble board by standing on it and trying to balance. Adjust the height as needed.


  • Use high-quality screws and bolts for a sturdy board.
  • Make sure the plywood is evenly spaced between the wooden boards to distribute weight evenly.
  • Adjust the height based on your balance and coordination level.
  • Practice regularly to improve your balance and coordination.


What is a Hgility wobble board?

A balance board that challenges your balance and coordination by simulating unstable surfaces.

How do I build one?

Follow the steps outlined in this article for a step-by-step guide.

What is the purpose of a Hgility wobble board?

To improve balance and coordination by simulating unstable surfaces.

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