Changing Your Truck’s Speed Limiter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Speed limiters on trucks are designed to keep drivers safe while driving and prevent accidents.

To adjust your truck’s speed limiter, follow these steps:

  1. Understand your truck’s speed limiter: Know its purpose and how it works, as well as any different speed limits for different driving conditions.
  2. Gather tools: You will need a socket wrench set, torque wrench, and a new speed limiter setting dial.
  3. Access your truck’s speed limiter: Locate the throttle body on your engine and turn the dial to the desired speed. Be aware of any potential impacts on fuel efficiency and acceleration.
  4. Adjust your truck’s speed limiter: Turn the dial to the desired speed and consult your owner’s manual for instructions on resetting if necessary.

It is generally legal to change your truck’s speed limiter as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowed by law. However, some states and provinces have laws requiring trucks to maintain a certain minimum speed limit. It is best to consult with local authorities for specific regulations. Changing your truck’s speed limiter can be a DIY project with basic mechanical knowledge and the right tools, but it may require advanced skills or specialized equipment for some trucks.

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