How to adjust fox zero pro shocks

If you want a comfortable ride experience on your mountain bike, adjusting Fox Zero Pro shocks is the way to go. In this guide, we’ll show you how to properly adjust these shocks for maximum comfort, control, and performance. First, let’s discuss the benefits of adjusting your Fox Zero Pro shocks:

  • Improved comfort: Adjusting your compression and rebound settings can help reduce discomfort during long rides by finding the right balance between stiffness and comfort.
  • Enhanced control: The Fox Zero Pro shocks have many adjustable settings that can be tailored to suit your riding style, making it easier to navigate tricky terrain.
  • Improved performance: Adjusting your shocks can help reduce fatigue and improve overall ride performance.

Now that you know the benefits let’s move on to how to adjust your Fox Zero Pro shocks:

  1. Remove the wheel from the bike and check for leaks.
  2. Adjust compression and rebound settings by turning the dial on the shock body.
  3. Test the shocks by spinning the wheel off the bike and checking if it feels right.
  4. Reinstall the wheel and test it out on the trail.


  • Yes, adjusting your Fox Zero Pro shocks can be done with a few basic tools.

  • It’s recommended to adjust your shocks every few rides to ensure they’re properly tuned for your riding style and preferences.
  • If your shocks are leaking fluid, it may be necessary to replace them to avoid further damage to your bike or the environment.

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