How to Troll for Pike: A Beginner’s Guide

Pike fishing is an exciting and rewarding activity that becomes more enjoyable during the colder months when the water is clear and the fish are more active. This article provides simple tips and tricks on how to troll for pike effectively.


To begin trolling, you need a sturdy fishing rod that can handle the weight of the fish, a good quality reel with a smooth line release system, and either a jig or spinner rig as your lure.


The type of lure used is critical in catching pike. Jigs or spinner rigs are recommended for trolling, as they imitate the action of baitfish and attract the attention of the pike.


Use a worm or small fish as your bait. For jigs, tie it onto your line with a slip knot and slide the bait onto the hook. For spinner rigs, attach the hook to the body of the spinner and add a small lure to each arm.

Trolling technique:

Cast out your line and let it drift with the current. Keep an eye on your line for any sudden jumps or pulls, which usually indicate a pike bite. When you feel a tug, reel in slowly and steadily, keeping tension on the line to prevent the fish from getting away.

In conclusion, trolling for pike is a fun and exciting activity that requires the right equipment, lure, and technique. With practice and perseverance, you will soon become a pro at trolling for pike.

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