How to wash an angora sweater

Angora sweaters are popular for their soft texture and stylish appearance. However, washing them can be challenging due to their tendency to shed hair, lose color, and become tangled easily. Washing an angora sweater can be done using a gentle detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics or one with a pH level of 6-7. Avoid using detergents with fabric softeners or fragrances as they can leave residue on the sweater and make it appear dull.

To wash an angora sweater, turn it inside out, fill the washing machine with warm or lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent, and place the sweater in the washing machine without overcrowding it. Run the washing machine on a gentle cycle for 2-3 minutes until dirt and odors are removed. Remove the sweater from the washing machine and let it air dry on a flat surface away from direct sunlight.

To keep your angora sweater fluffy, avoid using an iron or heat sources that may damage the fibers, use a soft-bristled brush or comb to detangle it gently starting from the ends, and let it air dry rather than using a dryer. If your angora sweater has shed too much hair, use a lint roller or small comb to remove it.


Yes, you can machine wash your angora sweater as long as you use a gentle cycle and follow the steps outlined in this article. Wash your angora sweater after every wear or when it becomes dirty or smells. No, you should avoid using any bleaching agents on your angora sweater as they can damage the fibers and cause discoloration.

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