How to Zero a Scope with a Mirror: A Complete Guide


Zeroing a scope with a mirror is a technique used by rifle shooters to adjust their zero point of impact (ZPOI) quickly and accurately. This article will guide you through the process step-by-step, using real-life examples and expert advice to help you master this skill.

Steps to Zero Your Scope with a Mirror:

  1. Choose a quiet shooting range: Find a shooting range that is free from wind and other distractions. It’s important to have a stable shooting position to ensure accurate results.
  2. Set up your rifle: Place your rifle on a tripod or bipod and adjust the barrel to the target distance. Use a reticle with a dot or circle that matches the size of your bullet.
  3. Position the mirror: Hold the mirror at arm’s length from your eye and position it so that you can see the reflection of the reticle in the scope. Make sure the mirror is centered on the reticle.
  4. Adjust the mirror: Use a small screw to adjust the height of the mirror until the reticle in the scope is perfectly aligned with the dot or circle in the mirror. This will give you the correct ZPOI.

  5. Confirm your zero: Once you have adjusted the mirror, fire several shots at the target and check if they are hitting the same point of impact as before. If necessary, adjust the mirror again until you achieve a consistent ZPOI.


Zeroing your scope with a mirror is a quick and easy way to adjust your ZPOI for better accuracy in rifle shooting. By following these simple steps and using real-life examples, you can master this technique and improve your performance on the range. Remember to be patient and practice regularly to achieve consistent results.

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