Navigating the Cosmic Influence: A Beginner’s Guide to Navagraha Puja

Navagraha Puja is an ancient spiritual practice rooted in Hinduism that focuses on worshiping the nine celestial bodies, known as navagrahas. Anjali, a devoted practitioner, shares her transformative experience: "My life was restored through Navagraha Puja when my planets aligned." (1)

The significance of each planet:

  1. Ganesha (remover of obstacles)
  2. Shani (karma)
  3. Rahu & Ketu (moon nodes)
  4. Budh (knowledge)
  5. Mercury (wealth and wisdom)
  6. Jupiter (fortune)
  7. Venus (love and beauty)
  8. Mars (energy and courage)
  9. Saturn (time and fate)

The precise positioning of these planets at the time of birth significantly influences our lives. Navagraha Puja is believed to bring blessings, help overcome challenges, and manifest desires by seeking their favor.

To perform Navagraha Puja at home, stay tuned for part two of this series. (FAQs)

  1. What is Navagraha Puja?
    Navagraha Puja is a traditional Hindu practice where individuals worship the nine planets (navagrahas).
  2. Why should I perform Navagraha Puja?
    Navagraha Puja can help overcome obstacles, improve various aspects of life, and bring positive change.
  3. How often should I perform Navagraha Puja?
    It is recommended to conduct a Navagraha Puja at least once a year or during significant planetary transits.

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