Streamlined Guide to Formatting on Nokia N70: Create Professional Documents in Minutes

Formatting your Nokia N70 documents may initially appear challenging. However, with these streamlined steps, you’ll create visually appealing and easily readable content.

**Quick Steps:**

  1. Configure Writer text editor settings for optimal readability.
  2. Utilize the toolbar to format text: bold, italicize, underline or change color.
  3. Create lists using numbered (ordered) or bullet points (unordered).

  4. Organize your document with clear headers.
  5. Add images and links for visual interest and external resource connections.

**Pro Tips:**

  1. Use short paragraphs for easy reading.
  2. Break up sections with headings.
  3. Keep font size around 12pt for comfort.
  4. Clarify complex ideas with lists.

**Setting Up:**

Open "Writer," optimize settings for readability.

**Formatting Basics:**

Use toolbar to bold, italicize, underline or change text color.

**Creating Lists and Headers:**

Lists: Use numbered or bullet points for ordered/unordered lists.
Headers: Separate document sections with headers for easier navigation.

**Images and Links:**

Add images for visual interest and clarify complex ideas, insert from file manager. Connect to external resources via links. "People read only about 20% of the text on a webpage but they do look at the images" – Jakob Nielsen.

**Saving Your Document:**

Press "File," select "Save As," choose desired name and location, click "Save.

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