Thawing Out Old Gas in Your Snowmobile: Essential Methods for Winter Survival


Snowmobiles can face fuel system issues due to old gas during winter. This article outlines effective methods for removing old gas and preparing your snowmobile for optimal performance.

  1. Drain the Old Gas: Use a siphon pump or gas can to remove old fuel from the tank.
  2. Add Fuel Treatment: Stabilize remaining fuel with a product like STA-BIL®, protecting the engine.
  3. Old Gas Science: Old gas thickens and gums up, making it difficult for the carburetor to draw fuel, potentially leading to poor performance or engine damage.
  4. Replace Fuel Filter: A clogged filter impedes proper fuel flow, impacting snowmobile performance; replace if necessary.
  5. Prevention is Key: Use a fuel stabilizer during off-season or store with minimal fuel to prevent old gas issues.


Following these steps ensures effective removal of old gas from your snowmobile’s fuel system, enabling an enjoyable winter experience. Remember, prevention is crucial for conquering the snowy terrain.


  1. How frequently should I drain my snowmobile’s gas tank? – Recommended at season end or before long-term storage.
  2. Can any fuel treatment be used for old gas? – Use a treatment specifically designed for old gas, like STA-BIL®.

  3. How do I know if my fuel filter needs to be replaced? – Signs include poor performance or difficulty starting.

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