Harvesting Success: A Concise Guide on Exporting Vegetables from India to Dubai

India’s fertile lands and abundant sunshine make it a prime vegetable producer, while Dubai’s strategic location and thriving market offer excellent export opportunities. FarmFresh, a farming cooperative in India, successfully exports vegetables like okra, tomatoes, and cucumbers to Dubai’s Spice Souk.

To get started, research market trends, regulations, and certifications such as Global GAP. Dr. Ramesh, a horticulturist from IARI, emphasizes the importance of proper packing and cooling methods for maintaining vegetable freshness during transport.

Real-life examples illustrate the effectiveness of these guidelines. FarmFresh saw a 50% increase in sales after implementing them, ensuring produce arrived within 48 hours of harvesting.

Key Points:

  1. India’s ideal conditions for vegetable production
  2. Dubai’s strategic location and thriving market
  3. Case study: FarmFresh’s success story
  4. Essential research: trends, regulations, certifications
  5. Expert advice: proper packing, cooling methods
  6. Real-life results: increased sales, quick delivery


  1. Which vegetables are most commonly exported from India to Dubai?
    Okra, tomatoes, and cucumbers
  2. What certifications are required for vegetable exports to Dubai?
    Global GAP certification

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