Unleashing India’s Export Potential for Ready-Made Garments: A Practical Guide

India, renowned for its textile heritage and skilled craftsmanship, is a top choice for exporting ready-made garments due to competitive pricing and a vast labor pool. The global fashion industry’s demand for affordability and quality makes India an attractive destination (Ministry of Textiles, GoI). This article outlines steps to successfully export readymade garments from India.

  1. Understanding the Indian RMG Industry: India houses over 48,000 textile units, employing approximately 45 million people (Ministry of Textiles, GoI). Exporting offers benefits such as competitive pricing, skilled labor, and an extensive supply chain.

Getting Started: Prerequisites

  1. Register with DGFT and secure certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX for export compliance.
  2. Research and collaborate with trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Case Study: XYZ Fashion, a US clothing company, expanded operations through Indian textile units for affordable, high-quality garments.

Export Process: Key Considerations

  1. Logistics: Choose reliable shipping lines, freight forwarders, and customs agents.
  2. Quality control: Establish clear communication with suppliers and implement rigorous quality checks.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Understand and adhere to all import regulations in target markets.

Quote: "India’s textile sector is a global leader in affordable, high-quality garments. Following procedures and partnering with reliable suppliers ensures successful export of readymade garments" – Ajay Kumar, Textile Expert.

Conclusion: Tapping into India’s thriving ready-made garment industry requires understanding the market, adhering to regulations, and partnering with trusted suppliers.


  1. Required certifications for RMG export from India include GOTS, OEKO-TEX, among others.

  2. Finding reliable Indian RMG suppliers involves thorough research and collaboration with industry bodies like CMAI or Textiles India.
  3. Logistics options include sea freight, air freight, and courier services via shipping lines, freight forwarders, or customs agents.

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