How to break in a new jet ski engine

When breaking in a new jet ski engine, it is essential to ensure that the pistons and rings are properly seated. This helps prevent damage to the engine, as well as prolong its lifespan. Here are some tips to help you break in your new jet ski engine safely:

  1. Fill the engine with fresh oil: Use specific oil designed for marine applications. Regular motor oil is not suitable for jet ski engines and can cause damage.

  2. Start the engine at low RPM and let it run for several hours, gradually increasing RPM as you go: This helps seat the pistons and rings properly.
  3. Keep an eye on the temperature: Make sure the engine does not overheat during the break-in process. Check the oil regularly to ensure that it is at the correct level.
  4. Once the recommended RPM is reached, let it run for another hour: This helps ensure that the pistons and rings are properly seated.
  5. Change the oil again: After the engine has been broken in, change the oil again to remove any remaining sludge or debris.
    Breaking in a new jet ski engine takes several hours, depending on its size and type. It is important to be patient and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Failure to break in your jet ski engine can result in premature wear and tear, which requires expensive repairs down the line. Additionally, it is essential to maintain your jet ski engine properly by changing the oil regularly, cleaning the filters, and ensuring that all parts are properly lubricated.

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