How to do reiki on cats

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing practice, is a gentle, non-invasive technique that can significantly benefit cats by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and alleviating pain. Based on the belief that a healer can channel universal life energy through their hands, Reiki works to improve the overall wellbeing of our feline friends.

Reiki offers a natural alternative for managing symptoms in chronic cases like kidney disease in cats, as demonstrated by a study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. In this research, it was found that Reiki sessions led to a decrease in stress levels and an improvement in the overall condition of cats with kidney disease.

To prepare for your first Reiki session with your cat, create a comfortable environment free from distractions. Gather any necessary symbols and mantras that resonate with you and ensure your cat feels safe and calm. You may consider using a soft blanket or familiar toys to make the space inviting.

Reiki can help manage pain and promote healing in various conditions such as arthritis and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). However, it’s essential to consult with your veterinarian before starting any new alternative therapy if your cat has severe medical conditions.

One inspiring story comes from Emily, a pet owner who successfully used Reiki to help her scaredy-cat, Max, become less anxious around people. By practicing Reiki techniques daily, Emily was able to build a stronger bond with Max and observe noticeable improvements in his anxiety levels.

Though responses may vary between individual cats, patience and consistency are crucial when incorporating Reiki into your cat’s life. You might start by offering small, brief sessions and gradually increasing the length of time as your cat becomes more accepting.


  1. Yes, resources exist for learning Reiki at home through books or online classes.
  2. Daily or weekly sessions can bring noticeable results in your cat’s wellbeing.
  3. Respect your cat’s boundaries and start small to build acceptance over time.

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