How to fish for lake trout without a downrigger

Title: Master Lake Trout Fishing Without a Downrigger: Innovative Techniques with Trolling Motors, Free-Lining, and Floating Jigs

Fishing for lake trout without a downrigger requires creativity and the right techniques.

Here are innovative methods using simple gear to catch lake trout:

  1. Utilize trolling motors: Maintain consistent speed and direction while covering larger areas with a depth finder to identify lake trout schools.
  2. Practice free-lining: Effective in shallow water, cast your lure without weight or bobber; let it sink, twitch occasionally for curious fish.
  3. Embrace floating jigs: Versatile tool for various situations and depths, mimicking injured baitfish to attract lake trout.

Patience, persistence, and adaptability are essential in successful lake trouter fishing.

No downrigger?

No problem!

Alternatives include trolling motors, free-lining, and floating jigs. Lake trout reside at various depths depending on water temperature and food availability. Effective lures include floating jigs, crankbaits, and spinner rigs.


  1. What are alternative methods to using a downrigger for lake trout fishing?
    A: Use trolling motors, free-lining, or floating jigs.
  2. At what depths do lake trout usually reside in the lake?
    A: They can be found from shallow bays to over 100 feet deep based on water temperature and food availability.
  3. Which lures are best for catching lake trout?
    A: Floating jigs, crankbaits, and spinner rigs work effectively based on water conditions and depth.

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