Obtaining an Indonesian Number: A Streamlined Guide

To communicate effectively with locals in Indonesia or establish a business presence, you need an Indos number – the local SIM card for making calls, texting, and accessing mobile internet. John, a digital nomad, obtained his Indos number in Bali within an hour.

Essential documents for obtaining an Indonesian SIM card include: valid passport or KITAS/KITAP (for expats), National Identity Card for locals, and a photocopy of your ID. (Documents Required) Sarah, an Indonesian expat, warns against forgetting necessary documentation.

Obtaining an Indos number is vital for smoothly navigating the local culture and communication. John compared the process to getting a local driver’s license.


  1. What documents are needed for an Indonesian SIM card?


    Valid passport or KITAS/KITAP, National Identity Card (for locals), and ID photocopy are required.

  2. How long does it take to get an Indos number?


    Under an hour is typical but depends on shop workload.

  3. Can I use my international SIM card in Indonesia?


    Yes, but roaming fees may apply and coverage could be limited in rural areas.

Getting an Indos number is a crucial step for travelers, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to connect with locals or expand business reach in Indonesia.

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