Prawn Fishing Guide for BC

Prawn fishing is a popular pastime in British Columbia (BC), Canada. This guide provides comprehensive information on how to catch fresh seafood prawns in BC, covering everything from choosing the right gear to finding the best fishing spots, and tips and tricks for catching prawns.

Gear Choosing

The choice of gear depends on your preferred fishing style, the size of the prawns you are targeting, and the depth of the water you plan to fish. For small prawns in shallow waters, a hand net or crab trap may be sufficient. For larger prawns in deeper waters, a fishing rod and reel with a specialized lure is more suitable.

Best Fishing Spots

BC has many excellent prawn fishing locations, including Saltspring Island, Vancouver Island, the Fraser River, Harbour Seymour and Capilano Reservoirs, and the Columbia River. Each location has unique characteristics that make it ideal for prawn fishing.

Tips and Tricks

Always use fresh bait to attract prawns, practice casting and retrieving your bait until you feel comfortable with it, be patient as catching prawns is a slow process, and always follow safety rules.


Prawn fishing trips can last anywhere from a few hours to a full day or overnight. Yes, you can cook the prawns you catch yourself by boiling them in butter and garlic or grilling them with lemon and olive oil. Yes, you need a fishing license to fish for prawns in BC.

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