Redfin Perch: Tips and Techniques for Effective Catching

Redfin perch are popular game fish in Australia and New Zealand. To catch them effectively, you need the right equipment, find the right location, use the right technique, and practice.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you catch redfin perch:

Equipment: Choose a good quality fishing rod and reel with a lure that mimics their natural habitat. Redfin perch like small fish, worms, and insects, so choose a lure that resembles these. A braided line is recommended as it has less stretch and is easier to control than monofilament.

Location: Look for areas with good water clarity, abundant vegetation, and rocky structures where redfin perch like to hide. They are often found in freshwater rivers, lakes, and dams. Avoid areas that are heavily fished or have too much boat traffic as these can scare away the fish.

Technique: Use trolling, casting, and lure fishing techniques. Trolling involves drifting a lure behind a boat while casting involves casting a lure from shore. Lure fishing involves using a lure on a reel to attract fish. Redfin perch are often caught on a spinnerbait or jighead with a small minnow or worm as the bait.


Catching redfin perch takes practice, so keep trying different techniques and lures until you find what works best. Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch any fish on your first few tries. Remember to be respectful of other fishermen and the environment while fishing.


* Redfin perch can be caught throughout the day, but they tend to be more active during early morning and late evening hours.
* No, you don’t need a boat to catch redfin perch. You can fish from shore or a pier.
* Redfin perch are attracted to lures that mimic their natural habitat, such as small fish, worms, and insects. They also respond well to spinnerbaits and jigheads with a small minnow or worm as the bait.

* Remove the head and tail before cleaning the fish. You can grill, bake or fry the fish, but make sure to cook it thoroughly to avoid foodborne illness. Redfin perch can carry parasites that can be harmful if not cooked properly.

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