Unleash Your Creativity: A Beginner’s Guide to Tanjore Glass Painting

Tanjore glass painting is an ancient art form from Thanjavur, India, that brings vibrant colors and intricate designs to life on glass. With simple tools and patience, create stunning masterpieces using our beginner’s guide.

Materials & Tools: Glass panels or plates, pure gum latex solution, colored powders (glass paints), brushes, water, dabber, rag for cleaning brushes.


  1. Coat the glass with a thin layer of pure gum latex solution and let it dry before painting.
  2. Plan your design using templates or freehand drawing on paper; keep it simple as a beginner.

  3. Wet the brush in water, then dip it into your chosen colored powder. Apply to the glass gently and allow it to dry before adding more colors or details.
  4. Seal the painting with a final layer of pure gum latex solution.

Tips: Patience is crucial – the secret lies in application and waiting for each layer to dry. Renowned artist R. Sekhar advises, "The key is not just in the application, but also in the patience."

FAQs: Smudged designs should be left to dry completely before touching; acrylic paints are unsuitable as they don’t adhere properly to glass and may damage it. Mastering Tanjore painting requires dedication and significant time investment.

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