Unleashing Creativity: A Comprehensive Guide on Drawing Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi, a beloved Japanese dessert, is known for its captivating design and delicious taste. This guide aims to help you draw Anko Mitarashi from scratch, providing an engaging and delightful experience.

  1. Essential Tools: Gather your tools, including paper, pencils (2B, HB, or 2H), an eraser, a ruler, a compass, and a thin black pen.

  2. Basic Shapes: Start by sketching the basic shapes – an oval represents the rice cake, while circles create the Anko filling.

  3. Textures & Details: Bring your drawing to life with shading techniques, precise lines for patterns, and proper proportions using a ruler or compass.

  4. Color Techniques: Use colors that evoke Anko Mitarashi’s sweetness while experimenting with hues.

Quote: “Drawing is about the eye and brain, not just the hand.”

– Freeman Okotie

5. Proportions & Details: Ensure accuracy by focusing on proportions and adding intricate details.


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Refine your drawing through small adjustments, perfecting the details.


1. Tools needed? Paper, pencils, eraser, ruler, compass, pen.
2. Can I use colored pencils instead of a pen?


3. Order for adding textures and details? None – approach as desired.

Ending Thought: Drawing Anko Mitarashi not only brings joy but unlocks creativity. Keep experimenting and expanding your artistic horizons.

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