How to do hair for senior portraits

Title: "Creating Memorable Senior Portraits with Eye-Catching Hair Styles: Trendy Options and Quick Solutions for Busy Seniors"

A senior portrait is more than just a photo; it’s a cherished memory that captures the essence of a transformative period in one’s life. Enhancing this moment with an attractive hairdo can make all the difference, adding character and personality to the image. In this expanded article, we delve deeper into the world of senior hairstyles, exploring various options and offering additional examples to inspire and inform.

First, let us introduce some trendy yet timeless senior hairstyles:

  1. The Classic Chignon: This versatile style is suitable for both genders. To achieve a chignon, gather hair at the nape of your neck, twist it into a bun, and roll it up to secure in place (Allure Magazine). The classic chignon exudes sophistication and elegance, making it an ideal choice for a senior portrait.
  2. Fishtail Braid: A modern take on a classic side-parted braid, the fishtail braid is a surprise hit among seniors. This style involves weaving the hair in a zigzag pattern to create an intricate and eye-catching braid (Harper’s Bazaar).
  3. Slick Back: For edgy seniors who want to exude cool confidence, opt for a slicked-back hairstyle. This look involves combing hair back from the roots, creating a sleek and sophisticated appearance that is both bold and stylish (Teen Vogue).

For busy seniors with limited time to spare, consider quick and easy hairstyles such as:

  1. Messy Bun: A casual yet stylish option for those on-the-go, the messy bun involves pulling up hair into a haphazard bun, creating an effortless yet chic look (Cosmopolitan).
  2. High Ponytail: Adding height and dimension to your senior portrait, a high ponytail is another classic style that never goes out of fashion. Bonus points for adding a bow or accessory for an extra touch of personality (Vogue).

Expressing your individuality through unique hairstyles or bold colors is also a fantastic option for seniors looking to make a statement in their portraits. Consider exploring unconventional styles, such as braids with beads or vibrant hair chalks, to truly embody the essence of this transformative time in your life (Elle Magazine).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I style my own hair for my senior portrait?

A: Absolutely!

Styling your own hair can be a fun and rewarding experience. Consider practicing different styles at home to determine which one best suits you.

Q: What if my hair is short or thin?

A: Don’t worry!

Simple hairstyles like a messy bun or high ponytail are great options for seniors with shorter or thinner hair. You can also consider using styling products to add texture and volume to your locks.

Q: Are hair extensions allowed in senior portraits?

A: Yes, hair extensions are permitted as long as they match the natural color and style of your hair. Be sure to consult with your photographer to ensure a cohesive look for your portrait session.

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