How to Tell if a Raccoon is Pregnant: A Guide for Animal Lovers

Raccoons are adorable creatures that we all love to watch from afar. But what happens when you see one of these furry critters and wonder if it’s pregnant? In this guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about how to tell if a raccoon is pregnant, so that you can be more informed and help this beautiful animal in need.

Signs of Pregnancy

If you notice any of these signs in a female raccoon, it may mean she is pregnant:

  1. Weight gain: Female raccoons usually gain weight during pregnancy.
  2. Changes in behavior: Raccoons that are pregnant tend to become more active and restless than usual.
  3. Nest building: Female raccoons will build nests of leaves, grass or other materials to give birth to their young ones.
  4. Swollen teats: The teats may appear swollen or enlarged as the mother’s milk glands prepare for lactation.
  5. Flat stomach: As the fetus grows, it may take up more space in the mother’s belly, causing her stomach to appear flatter.


If you suspect a raccoon is pregnant, it’s important to leave them alone and let them go through their natural process. However, if you are concerned about their safety or want to learn more about raccoon behavior during pregnancy, consider doing further research or consulting with a wildlife expert. Remember that these creatures are just like us, and we should always strive to protect and care for all living beings.

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