The Ultimate Guide to Applying Toilet Paper Covering

Applying toilet paper covering is a straightforward task that can make a significant impact on the appearance of your bathroom or office. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to apply toilet paper covering effectively and efficiently.

Step 1: Select the Right Material

Vinyl, plastic, and fabric are popular materials for toilet paper covering. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that suits your needs best.

Step 2: Measure Your Space

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the dimensions of your bathroom or office before selecting your material and applying the covering.

Step 3: Install Your Covering

The process of installing toilet paper covering is simple and can be done in a few hours. Start by removing any old fixtures, apply adhesive to the surface, lay down the covering, smooth out wrinkles, and line up the edges correctly.

Step 4: Maintain Your Covering

Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and repairs, will keep your toilet paper covering in good condition for years to come.


Toilet paper covering should be cleaned once a week with a mild detergent and water. Yes, you can apply toilet paper covering over tile, but ensure the adhesive is strong enough to hold the material in place. The amount of toilet paper covering needed depends on the size of your bathroom and the type of material chosen; measure the dimensions before installation.

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